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Before considering an Irish Wolfhound:

Irish Wolfhounds are wonderful dogs that should have sweet, loyal temperaments.  They grow incredibly fast and have shorter lives (average life expectancy is 6 1/2 years).  If they ever become sick, the expense for medications alone is higher than regular dogs as well as other care.  They grow from about 25-40 pounds at 10 weeks old to over 100 pounds at 6 months of age.  This rapid growth takes much care to raise properly.  Nutrition and exercise must be taken with the utmost care usually at the recommendations of your breeder.  Dogs this big can reach the backs of your kitchen counters and clear off a coffee table with one happy sweep of their tail. 
Before considering a puppy of any breed, please be sure your lifestyle allows time
for proper socialization and training of your puppy.

Before buying an Irish Wolfhound Puppy:

Find a good breeder or as many as you can and visit all of them and their dogs.  Good breeders should only breed the most healthy dogs, have extensive knowledge of the breed, and be working at each breeding to improve the breed.  They should be a wealth of knowledge, help, and advice throughout the life of your puppy. Good breeders should also be breeding for correct structure and temperament outlined in our breed standard (they also should be very knowledgeable about this).  Even if you are just looking for a companion puppy, correct structure is still very important especially as your dog ages.  Incorrect structure can lead to physical break down early and poor temperament is very sad indeed not to mention potentially dangerous.

Good breeders are usually very particular about the homes for their puppies, so be prepared for many questions, to fill out their application if they have one, and be ready for a home visit and several visits to the breeders.  After that, the breeder may choose to put you on a waiting list.  Usually good breeders will only have litters when they want to keep one or more puppies themselves, so be prepared to wait a year plus for your puppy. 

Additional Information:

Please visit our contact page to find local Northstar members in your area.  We can answer any questions you may have about the breed and direct you to breeders that are closest to you.

Please visit the Irish Wolfhound Club of America page.  They have a wonderful page for people looking for puppies.  Click here to visit their puppy page, and be certain to check out the links to their very informative brochures:

The P
uppy Buyers Guide

, you want to own an Irish Wolfhound?

Also be sure to check out their Code of Ethical Conduct for breeders.  This is another great tool to help you find a good breeder for you future puppy.


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