Northstar Irish Wolfhound Club

Sir Brogan aka Fenris

Rescued May 2009

Brogan is about two years old and was originally rescued from a shelter in Missouri by two sisters in Nebraska. With one working evenings and one days, it was a perfect home for a young wolfhound.

Unfortunately, one sister moved away which left Brogan home with only his other furry and feathered friends for companionship while his remaining owner worked. She felt this was not the best life for such a loving boy and contacted rescue to assist in finding him a new home.

With the help of several rescue volunteers Brogan, now Fenris, is in his new home. He lives with an active family in Nebraska that has the time to give him all the attention he can handle. Although this home has fewer furry and feathered friends, he has adjusted without missing a beat. As his new owners say, Hes a perfect fit!

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